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In a world gone dark, there is one small glimmer of hope. And when we say small, we mean small.

MC Hamster is the galaxy's biggest little explorer. He's got serious ups. And he's always down for adventure. Help him leap tall pancakes. Smash evil minions. And foil the plans of an evil space pirate. All to save his home planet of Fluffspheria from eternal darkness.

Sir StealsALot, notorious space pirate, has stolen the Jewels of Light from Fluffspheria and the whole planet has gone dark. Unless MC Hamster can defeat the salty sea villains evil Arrrgobots, find the Jewels of Light, and return them to his home planet, all the nocturnal creatures of Fluffspheria will run on their wheels nonstop, never sleep again, and eventually expire from exhaustion!

Will MC Hamster burrow under the pressure? Or save the day? With your help, the future looks bright. Get it, bright?

It's time to hike up your baggy pants, plug in your headphones, set your mouse aside, and get ready for an adventure with a rodent of a different kind. So without further delay, as MC Hamster would say, let's get this party started!

MC Hamster

miniature superhero

Mighty as he is small. Courageous as he is cute. Fierce as he is fluffy!


Rapping Snapping, Dancing, Romancing, Schmooing, Never Losing, Rubbing his back on rugs

FAVORITE FOODS: Berries and nuts


FASHION TIP: Edgy with a hint of fluff


HIDDEN TALENT: Does his own stunts

BIGGEST WEAKNESS: Pretty lady hamsters

Sir StealsALot

evil pirate

Kids at school made fun of him for having one eye. He never did get over it.


Arrrrrguing with his parrot, stealing arrrrrt, and hitting up the barrrrr

FAVORITE FOODS: Arrrrsiago cheese, anything staarrrchy


FASHION TIP: Arrrrrgyle


HIDDEN TALENT: Ordering Arrrrgobots around

BIGGEST WEAKNESS: Carrrr sickness


Galaxy Explorerâ„¢ is an experimental and innovative multi-browser adventure designed to change how we think of browsers and how developers build them. This game, written in JavaScript, pushes the boundaries of what we can achieve with HTML5 technology and transforms the way browsers communicate not just with users, but with each other as well.

To create this game the team had to weave a complex relationship between multiple browsers that communicate with each other and all come together in a cohesive side-scrolling adventure. The biggest breakthrough for this project came from developing an easy-to-use and flexible character rigging, skinning, and animating system that revolutionizes the process for creating character animations in HTML/CSS3/JS, rivaling Flash-enabled animations.

HTML5 technologies, such as Workers, Canvas and Audio, play an important role in this experience, but the most complex piece of the project was developing an original set of tools to make the whole game come to life, these include Advanced Character Rigging, Animation Timeline, LocalToLocal, GlobalToLocal and LocalToGlobal, Window to Window hit detection, and Window Master.

Galaxy Explorerâ„¢, a first of its kind, is meant to spark creative uses of web browsers and pushes the needle towards the next generation of browser experiences. We hope this project inspires technologists to challenge the browsers of today.

We invite the developer community to send us their thoughts and comments via email to labs [at] mcgarrybowen.com


Galaxy Explorer could not be possible without the tireless efforts, support and dedication from many talented individuals:

Christopher Miles

Sr. Creatologist, LABS
Game Creator, Lead Game Developer, and Illustrator

Luba Libarikian

Senior Producer, LABS

Roland Nasr

Technology Director, LABS

Greg Coladarci

Technical Lead

Felton Brown


Amasa Amos

QA Manager

Rocky Romano

Senior Interactive Developer
Game Intro Animation

David Papworth

Creative Director, LABS

Christian Carl

Creative Director
Lead Copywriter

John Ghioca

Front-End developer

Missy Kurzweil


Sadie Pak

QA Analyst

Mika Yokoburi


Btn Album

Music provided by MillionYoung.

For more information on music, please contact Rob Mason, Old Flame Records.